Optical Gas Imaging Online

This course is over 2 days. Students will learn how to set up and operate FLIR optical gas imaging cameras. They will learn how to optimally adjust their cameras for varying environmental conditions to find gas leaks. Students will learn under what environmental conditions gas leaks are most easily found, somewhat easy to find, and difficult to find.

This class will teach students which gases can be found with FLIR optical gas imaging cameras and leak size limitations. Some basic infrared theory and heat transfer concepts will be introduced to build a strong foundation.

Lab and/or field practice in finding leaks is a key part of this class. Students will learn by doing and by observing numerous videos of leaks and what to look for including thermal contrast, gas plume motion, distance limitations, etc.


Course content includes: 

  • OGI Camera Overview And Operation
  • Thermography Basics
  • Fundamentals Of Optical Gas Imaging
  • Spatial Resolution
  • Thermal Science
  • Heat Transfer
  • Absorption Characteristics (VOC's, CO, SF6)
  • Surveying Methods
  • Lab Sessions
  • Teledyne FLIR QL320



ITC-ADV-3061 (The course will be presented in English)

ITC Advanced Thermal Applications

MSRP: EUR 1.100 | GBP 890 | USD 1.200


Nov 30 - Dec 1


The training session will be held using Zoom.

Register here or contact your local Teledyne FLIR partner to get you signed up.