Free 1-year-subscription of FLIR Thermal Studio Pro

ITC is offering a free 1-year subscription to FLIR Thermal Studio Pro with all ITC Certification Courses.

The FLIR Thermal Studio Pro Software is a versatile program designed for performing state-of-the-art thermal image analysis and reporting.

FLIR Thermal Studio Pro Software is able to support thermal images and videos captured by all of FLIR’s modern thermography cameras in standard FLIR formats.

Alongside the hands-on laboratory exercises and category-specific topics covered in the training sessions, students will get an opportunity to work with the software and will receive a licence for a 1-year subscription to Thermal Studio Pro.

The analysis software has always been a vital part of ITC certification courses. With the addition of a free license to FLIR Thermal Studio Pro we are adding even more value to the industry‘s leading training program!

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